LOCM is an all woman owned, operated, and managed law firm, comprised of professional attorneys, legal assistants and support professionals dedicated to resolving your legal matters.

About Us

LOCM utilizes state of the art collection software with an approach that is fair, but firm. Centering on professionalism and ‘customer service’ our process ensures that your company’s image and our firm’s reputation remain in a positive light throughout the process.

LOCM’s approach allows parties to resolve their files in a voluntary manner, yet preserves our clients’ right to pursue a legal remedy through litigation. This gives our firm an opportunity to service our files in a unique manner that continues to keep satisfied clients referring others to our office.


LOCM offers a variety of services, tailored to each individual clients situation.

Litigation can be a necessity in certain cases but the costs to our clients can be significant in both, time and money.

LOCM offers a pre-litigation program focusing on resolving the files placed with us prior to litigation by having a member of our staff effectively relay what our clients’ rights are and provide alternative ways to amicably resolve the file.

Contact the firm's Managing Attorney, Crystal Moroney, to discuss how our services can assist your business.


The key to our success rate is knowing the importance of time management, accuracy, and volume while customizing for each unique situation our clients present.

The LOCM servers and network infrastructure are engineered to scale 100% expanding to properly service high volumes of placements each week.

Our unique state of the art collection software allows us to customize performance reports providing our clients with extensive feedback on accounts placed with us.